Special activities

Group travels                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Goal: Gathering and exchanging knowledge, seeing Innovations, inspirational meetings and expanding your International network with top companies, institutions and influentials in the sector. Info about current planned group travel can be found via the special links in the selection bar at the top of the page.

Trips of this kind are intended for innovative Dutch companies active within a certain sector who wish to make contact with leading European companies specialised in their sector and which are located in a Scandinavian city or region and visa versa. Examples of such niche sectors include products related to health, agriculture, education, and marine solutions, drones, retail solutions and the like. We visit regions in Scandinavia where there is a concentration of highly specialised companies in one or more sector, and which often work together with knowledge institutes or universities. This is an excellent opportunity for Dutch companies to gain insight into the knowledge and expertise levels in the sector concerned and to explore the added value of contacts, collaboration opportunities via distributors, or by having an office in the region themselves.


During the trip you will also get to know key colleague companies in your sector. You will receive information about the strength of the region regarding the theme through visits to relevant leading companies, start-up hubs, research institutes and government organisations providing incentives. Furthermore, we will give a presentation about doing business in the country concerned. After the visits and with a complete tool box, you will be in a good position to assess whether and in which form an activity in the key region will provide added value for your products and/or organisation. In all cases, you will make valuable contacts and gain useful knowledge from the trip. Each year, we organise one or more themed trips. We invite Dutch companies who are actively innovative in the sector to participate. To offer maximum quality, the size of the group and the number of participating companies will be limited.


Individual orientation trip                                                                                                                                                                                                     

If you would first like to obtain more information about the potential target country, the market for your products, and how they are sold before starting a project, we advise you to consider this option seriously. In only a few days, you will get a good impression and you will then be able to decide whether to follow a Partner Search route or not. We organize this program tailored to your wishes and support you during the trip.

Assistance at International Exhibitions

If your export partner has a stand on an exhibition and you are unable to attend it yourself or need an extra person, we can solve this need. We can provide very experienced persons who work at exhibitions. They are able to quickly recognize the leads for your products. The focus will be entirely on your product(s) while your export partner will probably also have to pay attention to other products. In advance, there will be a meeting to inform the person who will do the job.



We regular provide presentations about ‘The ins and outs of International Business’ and ‘What you exactly need to know to be business wise successful in Scandinavia / The Nordics’. There are several points in the Partner Search program at which these presentations could help you make your decisions. We are frequently invited by the International Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to give presentations at their congresses.


Workshop ‘Communication with your export partner’ for your export staff

Finding the right export partner is a challenge, but that is our responsibility. To cooperate perfectly with them and to build a long-lasting relationship with continuity insales, are also challenges. And that is …………..your challenge. In a short workshop, we can support your team in communication and rules of professional etiquette, which are essential in building relationships, how to get down to business, the set-up of offers, follow-up of actions, partnership agreements, etc. All you need to build up a sound and successful relationship with your export partner.