Business Biography

2011 | Adenda founded / owner

Adenda was founded on the basis of historical experience and current insights in response to market demands to ensure that organisations function in a commercially strong and effective way, with the aim to improve the market and/or profit positions. In this context, export development is our core focus  activity. With export development, and in particular as a Scandinavian / Nordics specialist, we service companies to find sales channels / export partners in this area. As owner, Ton Ton is responsible for all activities and results.


2005 | Commercial Manager at Kupan

Responsible for: sales policy, sales result, profit, marketing & public relations. Directly responsible for supervising outdoor staff and coordinating the office sales department, export and costing department. Personally active in sales in major and international projects. Changed organisation completely from a traditional into a trend-setting image with strong commercial growth and sound profit position. Marketing methods constantly adapted to market situations. Successfully developed export and renewed international network of distributors by adapting to the renewed own organisation.


1994 | Novum Advice & Training founded / owner

Novum Advice & Training was founded in response to market demand for genuine tailor-made concepts regarding the commercial development of employees. As owner, responsible for all activities and results. From acquisition, needs analysis, concept definition, practical orientations, project preparations, project implementation, and target evaluation to follow-up. Novum Advice & Training stood for a unique organisation-strengthening concept, with the aim to realise a commercial advantage for its clients. Several of its characteristic activities include business consulting, business coaching, training of sales employees and managers using an innovative methodology and personal coaching, in addition to being a sounding board for many directors and fulfilling functions through a recruitment and selection method with a great result.


1989 | General Sales Manager at Cito Benelux

In charge of the total management of the indoor and outdoor sales staff and the purchase department (20 employees). Responsible for the turnover and profit (EUR 15 million). Supervision of indoor staff through the office sales department manager. Drawing up an annual sales plan and responsible for its implementation.

Ton Ton


Extensive experience in export, export markets and export development.


16 years of experience as a Business Coach, 6 years as a General Sales Manager and 6 years as Commercial Director.


Several university of applied scienes degree programmes, including Business Administration, graduation these in Marketing Strategy.


Guest speaker in the area of International Business and Doing business in Scandinavia / The Nordics.


Author of book:

IETS, Waarom Topverkopers, Topverkopers zijn.  (Dutch)


ISBN 978-94-6176-592-5


Author of syllabi:

- Modern Management

- Modern Selling

- Professional Presentations

- Business Etiquette


Specialty: assist companies in opening a business channel in Scandinavia and in business development (commercial).



Without a goal, success is accidental