For six years in a row, Denmark has ranked number one in Europe on the Ease of Doing Business Index by the World Bank.


The World Bank ranks Denmark number one in Europe and number three in the world in the recently published 2017 Ease of Doing Business Index, ranking 190 nations worldwide. It is the sixth time in a row that Denmark has taken the first place among the European countries. Worldwide, Denmark ranks number three.


The World Bank ranking confirms that Denmark offers one of the world’s most dynamic and attractive business environments. Denmark scores highest on the Trading Across Borders indicator, which measures the time and cost associated with export and import.


So, if you are interested in exporting your products, Denmark offers a great business environment. Other scores from Nordic fellow-countries are: Norway (no. 6), Sweden (no. 9), and Finland (no. 13).

To be constantly in contact with organizations and persons who have contacts in Denmark and to be kept informed of all aspects around doing business there, Adenda International Business Connecting joined the DDBC Dutch Danish Business Club.


Not long ago, the Dutch ambassador in Denmark (Mr. Henk Swartouw) and the Danish ambassador in the Netherlands (Mr. Ole Emil Moesby) held a very enlightening lecture about the Danish culture and business culture in particular.


An additional advantage of the DDBC is that there are good contacts with the other Scandinavian / Nordic business clubs. Meetings are frequently open to each other's members. We highly recommend this professional club to everyone who does business or wants to do business in Denmark.