The Concepts

Partner Search PLUS


Our Partner Search program is the core of our business. This fascinating, complicated and time consuming work requires much professional knowledge.


Because it is your new partner we are searching for, we feel very responsible and do everything possible to get the best result.


Our Senior Market Connectors in the target country have nine types of search sources available. The constantly developed concept, that consists of five unique elements, gives you the greatest guarantee of success.


Naturally, the initial contacts are established according to the national languages.


After the identification, initial selection, approach, and subsequent selection of potential companies based on the desired export partner profile, we visit the most suitable companies together.


Our After Match Making Coaching is a unique service to assist you in achieving commercial success as soon as possible.


The Adenda Partners Search Plus concept is your best help, to get a successfully market entree in Scandinavia / The Nordics.

Export advise


If you wish, we analyse which country suits best to your company or products in order to maximize the chance of success. An International market analysis will provide insight in what the 'market space' is to export successfully.


Adenda can also advise by determining the right type of representation. An importer, distributor, agent or a branch office, each has its advantages and disadvantages. A professional analysis results in the right type of export partner.


If desired, we can also give you advice you about your marketing resources.



Our coaching possibilities are tailored to achieving your International objectives and focus on the export-department staff in your organization.


We inform them about what International business involves and, if desired, assist them for a while.


Cultural elements, and especially the business dos and don'ts, will be discussed in detail. This way, we guide the participants around the pitfalls of International business and it will be a pleasure to harmonize communication with the International partner.


It is also possible to give a presentation, in which we inform your team about the success elements of doing business in the target country.


The structure from this coaching / presentation is:

  • Country and Culture
  • Communication (verbal and written)
  • Strategy for creating offers and their follow-up
  • Coaching your export partner
  • Exhibitions, training en info meetings