About us

'Adenda' is derived from the Latin term ad`den-da which means 'addition'. This is exactly what Adenda wants to be. An addition to strengthen the commercial aspects of your organization, with a key focus on export development.


In case of export development, we always look at your organization from a variety of angles. We try to give you the best possible advice with the aim of maximizing your export power.


We invest a great deal of time in learning about your organization, market and products. As a result of this we can be your partner in nearly every market segment. However, we limit ourselves to Scandinavia / The Nordics to offer you maximum knowledge (Culture, Business Communication, Government Rules, Partnership agreements etc.) and to the Netherlands, our home market, for foreign enterprises.


As a Scandinavia / Nordics specialist, we are well acquainted with the area. With our knowledge of, among other things, cultures, markets, partnership agreements, government rules, business dos and don’ts, we can introduce you to your new market.


The concepts are carefully matched, thus covering every aspect that contributes to the commercial success of the export development of your business.


With a head office in the Netherlands and local partners in all Scandinavian / Nordic countries, we are always close by to serve your market entry perfectly.


Our dynamic and personal approach  is our style and our customers appreciate very much.

Our Senior Market Connectors in the target country speak the language of the country and know the business culture from inside. In ourexperience, this is essential to come to the best initial contacts.


They report to the project manager or management, so there is constant feedback about the status and execution of the project.


Our team, with many years of experience in Partner Search Projects, is ready to transform your sales and profits to a higher level!

“Commitment, as if we are a part of your organization, is our strength.
To bring your company forward is our aim”.