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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONNECTING | Finding the perfect export partner



Adenda International Business Connecting services you to make exporting successful for you. What are your chances, what is the best strategy, what are the ideas, the

pitfalls and what sources are available to help you? These questions and much more will be themes in our initial contact to come to the right strategy.


Adenda has extensive knowledge and experience in International Business Connecting. This enables us to find the best export partner, making exporting a success for you from day one. Finding your perfect export partner is very interesting but also complex process, in which we feel a great responsibility to your company. Our specialty is partnering to and from the Scandinavian / Nordic countries. This because the business culture in these countries is most similar to the Dutch model.


In addition, we can offer full support by exporting to the Baltic States, searching for and finding the right export partner.


In all these countries, we work with specialists who carry out the first orientation and analysis in their own language and with knowledge of the country's business culture. They act under the name of ‘Adenda Team Scandinavia'.


One thing is certain. Exporting will be a boost to your organization in quality and prestige. It will develop your organization, your employees and your turnover! And you will see that, once you have started exporting, your world will look very different.


Adenda can advise you in determining the right type of representation. A distributor, agent, importer or your own branch office; each has its advantages and disadvantages. A professional analysis results in the right type of export identity. In case you are interested to open your own sales office, we are able to assist you in cooperation with first-class service organisations in this field.


This means that all the necessary knowledge about government rules, taxation, legal issues, analysis of best location, economic situation and much more is covered, so

you will be able to make the right decision.


We are also able to analyse which country fits in best with your business or product to make the chance of success as high as possible. An international competition and market analysis will provide insight into the 'opportunity' to export successfully.


Adenda furthermore offers a unique service. After the actual link between you and your new partner has been established, you will receive coaching to assist you in starting the export process. This is essential, because particularly after the link has been established, commercial process must be activated to make the link a success.


This sensitive period requires much attention and guidance, so the investment made, will soon yield a return. Adenda is able to assist and advise you in developing the right marketing support tools.


The process to find your new export partner will be customized as far as possible. The following steps can be used as a guideline*:


·  To determine the type of representation you wish and to which country you wish to export;

·  To draw up the partner profile;

·  To prepare presentation material;

·  To conduct research in the future export market (by our Senior Market Connector);

·  To give feedback to the Project Manager, to fine-tune the process and/or to make the initial selection;

·  To provide information to / to interview the selected group (by the Senior Market Connector);

·  To give feedback and make a selection of the best potential export partners;

·  To create the visiting program;

·  To visit the best potential partners (by you and Adenda's Project Manager);

·  To choose the new export partner (by the client);

·  To invite the new export partner to your company, or to pay a second visit, to formalize the cooperation, product and sales information, etc.;

·  To coach the starting period of the cooperation (by Adenda).


We provide ongoing coaching in the countries in which we are active with regard to everything that is important in the start-up phase of exporting in order to give and reliable and valuable information.


Finding a new partner is very time-consuming. Making the right choice from the start is essential.


Specialists work!


* Our offer will include a detailed description of every step in the process.