In Agri-Food Tech, the Netherlands is a front runner country worldwide. This is partly thanks to the internationally acclaimed Wageningen University and Research Center. Groups from all over the world visit the Netherlands and this institute to learn about the State of Art and innovations with respect to the Agri-Food Technology.


The large number of Agri-Food Tech companies and sector organisations ensure a very modern high-tech market sector that functions highly efficiently.


In addition, today's world demands new products that are efficiently produced with minimal environmental impact.


We would like to introduce you to the State of Art and innovations in Agri-Food Tech that are being developed to solve future issues. In addition to current innovations in practice, we focus on the developments that are being developed in the Wageningen University and Research Center and the Foodvalley knowledge center ecosystem to give you a view on future possibilities.


By means of company visits, you will be given an insight into experiences of implementation processes using new techniques.


Top experts will explain the future of Agri-Food Tech and explain innovative solutions for Agro-Food challenges.


In all situations there is space for dialogue so you will return home inspired with new ideas and vision on the future of Agri-Food Tech and benefit from it in your situation.


The program consists of visits to both companies and organizations, with the Wageningen University and Research Center and Foodvalley as core visits to give you a good picture of the applications, integration possibilities and production efficiency increase, to translate to your organization.


Some of the subjects will be:


o  The Future in Agri-Food Farming

o  Precision Agriculture

o  Circular Agri-Food systems

o  Sustainable Agri-Food production

o  Smart data collecting to improves grow efficiency and product quality

o  Tech innovations

o  Etc.


Target audience:


People who want / need to be aware of the trends in the field of Agri-Food Technologies and are curious about the visions of experts in this field, such as:

o  Agri-Food company owners (agri- and horticulture)

o  Development managers

o  Sector consultants

o  Branche representatives

o  Agri-Food specialists in the education sector

o  Sales managers from companies who brings innovative products on the Danish Agri-Food market



The extensive programme and/or registration form can be reached via the links below.


Program Agri-Food innovations in the Net
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