Robotica studietrip naar het Europese topcluster voor Robotica in Odense DK

Geschreven door Robbin Mennings. Directeur van Wired Workers

Last week (27-30 augustus 2018) we visited Odense (Denmark) for the robotic cluster Odense Robotics. This is a collective term consisting of robot and automation companies, suppliers, education and research facilities, investment capital and public action in and around the city of Odense. In total, Odense Robotics consists of more than 120 companies, 3200 employees, 40 education programs and 10 research and education institutions.

In this week we visited a number of companies including Universal RobotsOnRobot and Mobile Industrial Robots. Universal Robots is a company which is specialized in colaborative robotics. OnRobot provides innovative Plug & Produce End-of-Arm Tooling that help manufacturers take full advantage of the benefits of collaborative robots: ease of use, cost-effectiveness and safe use alongside human workers. Mobile Industrial Robots is a manufacturer of mobile robots that can help with distribution within a company.

It was a very educational journey and we have become a lot wiser about the amazing world of robotics. Take a look at the video below to get an impression of Odense Robotics.